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Skittles Night Friday October 2017

Butchers Arms, Mickleton

 Nigel organised us a great evening last night at the Butchers Arms in Mickelton. 31 of us did 'battle' down the skittle ally and despite having 1 less player the girls beat the boys 235 against 206 points. The highest score over the 2 rounds was 21, well done Tony Barr. As usual we finished with a game of killer and yet again Caroline just managed to hold her nerve till the end as Mike Green missed with only 2 skittles left standing. Well done Caroline. Many thanks to Nigel.  Here are some photos of the evening:






















 Skittles Night Friday 17th February 2017

Binton Social Club

A full house for  our Skittles Evening where 34 of us enjoyed a long evening of skittling at the Binton Social Club. As ever the boys triumphed over the girls with a combined score of 221 against 212, come ladies you must do better next time!!! There were clear winners for the prizes with Roger Phipp (21 points) and David Rayner (18 points) for the men's and Pam Zak (16 points), however we needed a playoff between Caroline, Julia Cleobury & Alison Smith for the runner up for the Ladies prizes. It was Julia who held her nerve to take the honours. No one wanted to take the wooden spoon home with 5 players on 9 points, so it was decided that the wooden spoon would be awarded to the first player to leave the game of 'Killer', I was obviously not concentrating and the spoon is proudly displayed in my Study!! Caroline Phipp finally won a hard fought game of Killer to join husband Roger in taking a prize home.

Thanks to Graham for taking the photos:












Skittles Night Friday 19th February 2016

The Masons Arms, Pebworth


A great evening at the Masons Arms for this year's Skittles evening, with 35 of us 'battling' for the honours.  As usual we has the Boys against the Girls and yet again it was the boys who prevailed with a total score of 321 from the 3 rounds with the Girls only managing 299. The best overall score of the evening was by Nigel who for the first time cleared the skittles with his first ball giving a total of 26, however several people did clear all 9 pins with their allotted 3 balls.  The Lady with the best score was Julia Cleobury with 23. The wooden spoon is now hard fought but Jane Green was the only player not to achieve double figures over the 3 rounds.  The evening finished with the game of 'Killer' and there was a clear winner with Lex who still have 2 lives when everyone one else had 'missed'.  Well done to all, here are some photos to remind you of the fun.































Skittles Night Friday 27th February 2015

The Butchers Arms, Mickleton 


A full house at the Butchers Arms assembled for the Annual Skittles Night for the 3 rounds with 'The Boys' vs 'The Girls' and yet again The Boys triumphed.  The Man highest score (and overall score) with 26 was Graham Smith, however the girls needed a 'Play Off' between Emilia, Stephanie & Julia each with 22 points, eventually Emilia managed not to miss the single skittle to win the prize.  A good hot supper of Steak & Ale Pie and/or Meat Lasagne was enjoyed before the final game of 'Killer', which came down to a final 2 with Lech holding his nerve to know me into second place.  There was a clear winner for the Wooden Spoon, which was taken home by David Harrison.  Well done to all for an enjoyable evening and thanks to The Butchers Arms for their warm welcome.



















Skittles Night Friday 14th March 2014

The Masons Arms, Long Marston

28 people enjoyed an evening at the Mason's Arms in Long Marston.  It was the usual format of 'Boys' v 'Girls' in the first half and yet again the Boys won by achieved the best average score of 22.7 with the Girls trailing at 22.5.

Prizes were awarded for the highest scoring Lady and Man with both Jill and Paul amassing a total of 28 points each.  We have to award the 'Wooden Spoon' which found a new home this year with Leslie (I'm glad to see the fluffy dice in pride of place hanging from the mirrow of the TF).

We finished the night with the traditional game of 'Killer' which ended with the husband and wife pairing of David & Alison Smith but Alison retreived the ladies honour by taking the prize.

Well done everyone.  Here are some photos of the evening: