The Arden MG Club Annual General Meeting - 3rd January 2017

Minutes of Annual General Meeting – 3rd January 2017

1. Apologies for absence: Richard & Fiona Avery, Mike & Jane Green.

2. Chairman’s Report: Paul briefly reported on the 17 events of last year.

3. Treasurer’s Report: Roger presented the accounts stating we have

£1,046 on hand.

4. Events Secretary Report: Covered in Chairman’s report.

5. Database Report: David reported we have 115 people on the data base

of which 10 were new in 2016 and 76 are active (attended a cub event/activity). Highest attendance was again The Show Night with 55 people, closely followed by Nigel’s talk with 54.

6. Election of Officers:

Proposal to elect committee on bloc as

Chairman: Paul Dunster

Treasurer Roger Jackson

Events Secretary Alan Cleobury

Database Secretary David Rayner

MGCC Liaison Officer Lech

MGOC Liaison Officer Paul Dunster

Proposer: David Witham Seconder: Doug Freeman

Motion passed unanimously.

7. Any Other Business: To make a charitable donation with the excess funds in the club account. We only need ~£300 to cover normal eventualities, so it was decided to make donations to the value of £700. Suggested charities were: Riding for the disabled, S-on-A Hospital, Shakespeare Hospice, Molly Olly’s Wishes and Alcester Day Care. We try to make the donations to smaller local or motoring related charities. A proposal will be put forward on which good cause to support.