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Newsletter December 2017

Hi All,

Event Reports:


A quiet month with nothing to report, however we still had over 40 people to the Club Night, so another busy night but we have had the Xmas Meal since. There were 52 of us to enjoy the meal at the Golden Cross and Matt and his team did us proud with a very good meal, the only complaints I heard were there was too much!!! I think the Xmas Quiz caused some consternation and I don't think everyone saw the immediate connection to our favourite sports cars, MGs. The question was to name as many car makers or models that began with the letter 'M' or 'G'. There were some really good answers but it was the 'Naughty Arden Elves' aka Mike, Steve, Alan & Doug with the highest total of 64 and they took home the chocolates. As usual every couple went home with a prize from the draw, I hope you all liked yours. It was great to see so many of you dressed up for the occasion, there were an awful lot of Elves about and I kept getting 'tickets' for being naughty!!!!


Future Events:

The calendar of events for next year is taking shape and a lot of dates have now been set, here are a few to note in your new calendar/diaries.


New Year's Day 2018 - Chilly Willy Run. This is the last chance to book lunch for this run (I will be sending the pre-order on 18th Dec), which will meet at the Golden Cross for bacon rolls, tea or coffee (£2.50 and £1.00) from 11.00am to be ready to leave around 11.30/11.45. There is a 25 mile scenic run over to the Oak in Upton Snodsbury where lunch can be pre-ordered, please see the invitation on the website. No problem if you want to join the run but not take lunch but please let me know, so I print enough route sheets If you find you can no longer attend then just let me know. We have also set an alternative route using only gritted roads if the weather requires it. Remember for this run your modern car is acceptable but your MG is preferred.

Tuesday 2nd January - Club Night and AGM. This is the only formal meeting we have all year and the 'Business' part only usually takes about 15 minutes, so please come along. This is your chance to say anything about the running of the Club, if you would like to add anything to the Agenda just let me know.

Sunday 25th March - 'March Madness' Spring Sunday Lunch Run.

Alan and the team are working on the event and details will be available soon but keep the date free.


Sunday 22nd April - Drive it Day Run. Nigel is in control this time and he has already booked an end venue, so full details will be available soon but reserve the date.


Tuesday 1st May - British Motor Museum 25th Anniversary Run. We will be having a run to finish at the Museum on this day which is the 25th anniversary of the museum opening in 1993, when the Arden MG Club held their first Heritage Run finishing at the Museum (actually on the 2nd) and we were the first car club to attend there. I would like to get as many people as I can who took part on that first run to attend on this day, even better if you have still got the same MG. Please let me know if you would be interested in taking part.

Friday 8th June 2018 to Mon 11th June 2018 (3 nights) - St Audries Bay. This is all organised now, however I'm sure Nigel would be able to squeeze a few more in if you would like to join us for the week-end. Who has read the Lorna Doone book in readiness for the Saturday run?

Sunday 1st July - The BMC & Leyland Show, BMM Gaydon. I will be booking a display area at this show, more details nearer the time.

Tuesday 2nd October - Arden MG Club 30th Birthday. After various discussions with several people who were around at the time (not least John Saunders who founded the Club), I have determined that the first meeting of the Club was the first Tuesday of October 1988, which makes 2018 the 30th birthday. As I missed the 25th birthday I think we should celebrate the 30th next year. I have a few ideas of things to do, so keep the date free.

Other Events:

Spring 2018 - MGCC AutoSOLO. The Midland Centre are looking to run an AutoSOLO next year and are trying to gauge interest. The idea of an AutoSolo is starter competition which is non damaging with only 1 car moving at a time. There is forward motion only, against the clock but precision is also important. No special equipment is required for the car, no special cloths or licences. It is also suitable for youngsters (over 14) and they want to get them involved. If you or anyone you know, especially younger people would like to get involved please let me know and I will collate the replies to pass them onto the Centre Committee. The current plan is to hold the event at Bruntingthorpe Proving Ground, where there is a lot of space and run-off areas.


18th August 2018 - Coast to Coast. If anyone is interested in this event I can email a flyer, however they have stated that the hotels are getting booked up so you may need to pre-book as soon as you can.

Other Matters:

Club 2018 Calendar: The calendar is now available but has been selling well and I only have 2 left!!! If you would like one of these please let me know A.S.A.P. first come first served.

What Have You Done in Your MG This Month:


Jane Green and the 'Rabble' had a trip down to Torquay in their MGs, looks like a nice day to start off.

Let me know what you have been doing in or with your MG.

My MG: Roger Phipp

Subtitle….. "A Tale of Two Emgees"

A story with a moral, just like all good Christmas stories, and maybe a tip that only costs a few coppers and may save you a fortune.

The reasoning, the intention and the disclaimer.

I have been told that it has been getting more and more difficult to find something to fill this section of the newsletter, I was asked to contribute but thought no, after all who be interested, but after reading about a windscreen that had a chip in it, I thought "I can do that" or not? You decide. ………………………… either way even if this is not interesting or informative I hope you at least find something slightly entertaining or mildly amusing, it's certainly not meant to offend.

So here goes

I have had a few MG's in the past, 60's and early 70's Midgets, 60's and early 70's MGBs, even a 60's Healey Sprite, all of which were my daily transport to and from work and all of which required some form of minor or major service and or repair each weekend ready for the Monday morning commute.


                                                                             (that's not me)

So out of necessity I became acclimatised to the weather, unlike the cars, and fairly familiar with the joys of 60's and 70's motor mechanical engineering with a little help from a 'Mr. Manual Haynes'


As you may or may not know I have been rebuilding an MGA….A car I had lusted after since I was a young lad in short trousers when they were first introduced to us in the mid 50's. At the beginning of this year I managed to acquire a 1960 MGA 1600 which needed a total restoration, and after neglecting my very understanding nearest and dearest, by spending endless days and nights in the garage, finally back in September, it was completed in record time, apart from one minor BIT…. but that's another story…

When I start thinking about the cars I lusted after as a lad, I automatically go straight to the first ever car that I owned, I guess we all do.

In those far flung days when the sun shone every day, it is with clouded fondness that I remember my first ever car, a 1960 Ford Popular 100E in Primrose Yellow, which I bought for the princely sum of £50. I know that doesn't sound much but it was more than a months' wages to me at that time, and I know it's wasn't an MG but I couldn't afford my dream, it at least got me off two wheels for a while, and started me on the road of proper driving and also DIY Service and Repairs.

The Technical bit…

It was quite a simple, basic, or should I say primitive design 3 Speed Manual with a with a simple 1172cc 'side valve' engine developing a whopping 36 BHP.

For those of you less technically minded…..

It had a top speed of nearly 65 mph eventually if conditions were in your favour, namely no passengers, downhill, wind behind you and providing the road was long enough.

The engine had just enough power to pull a spoon from a bowl of Auntie Ethel's custard.

And the windscreen wipers cleared the rain off the screen only when you parked up somewhere.

It would achieve about 10MPH in 1st gear about 58MPH in 2nd gear and maybe 63MPH in top.

The cylinder head was basically a slab of metal held on by a few bolts.


 (just a slab held on with a few bolts)

But it was mine, and if you are a 17 year old lad with a very limited budget who wants a more powerful car, the 'thought process' is so simple.

Step 1…..Remove cylinder head

Step 2…….. Rub vigorously on granite paving slab outside Mums house, but don't let her catch you, until cylinder head is totally flat and depressions are barely visible.

Step 3…….. Replace cylinder head.

Step 4….. get behind the wheel and drive flat out (now 66MPH) and pretend it's a 'Big Healey E Type MGA Dart' SIMPLES………………

Anyway back to MGs, a couple of years ago and after many many years of only driving 'modern' vehicles, Caroline (who has a better pedigree than me in the motor industry) and I decide it would be a good idea to get a classic car.

But WHAT CAR?????

To be continued next month, thanks Roger a great story.

To close, Nigel has composed a Xmas Poem:

The Christmas Tree Fairy By Nigel Hook


I am the Christmas Fairy 

That sits atop the tree

I look down at all the people

And they look up to me

I used to look so pretty

With glitter in my hair

I know there's something wrong

When they look at me and stare

My dress is torn, my wings are bent

And half my wand has gone

But every year they bring me out And I have to soldier on!

I've heard next year I'm being replaced

With a star that shine and flickers

No longer will I have to suffer

A Fir Tree up my KNICKERS!!!

Merry Xmas and a Very Happy MG--ing New Year,