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AGM 7th January 2020 – Minutes

1. Apologies for absence: Dusty, Peter Y, Sue M-S and Doug F.

2. Chairman’s Report:

It is very difficult to say anything different to last year, with the Club in very good health with the room full every month, which I think is the only difficulty the Club has.

David, I’m sure will give us the stats for all the gatherings we have had through the last year, all of which have been well attended but a quick run down the list:

We started the year with the Chilly Willy Run from the ‘Potting Shed’ Bromsgrove to the GC.

A break in Feb to a busy March with a Guest Speaker ‘In Praise of the Turb-prop‘.

The March Madness Run, when Alan took us from GC to The Henley Golf & Country Club, a beautiful day out.

April brought us the regular Malvern Show, which was not wet! With Alan and the team cooking bacon rolls and Drive-it-Day Run, from Richard again from the GC to Southcrest Manor, who would there could be somewhere like that in Redditch!

A new ‘unofficial’ event was brought to us by Nigel to attend the Asparagus Festival at the Fleece Inn.

June was Nigel’s month with the Weekend Away to Devon Valley followed by the Sunday Adventure Run, again at the Fleece in Breforton.

July was the busiest month starting with the Show Night then, BMC & Leyland Show, at Gaydon, thank you to Alan for taking over from me to organise on the day. Next was Graham & Lech’s Quiz-on-Wheelz based in Mickelton & Chipping Campden and Steve brought us the Badsey Flower Show, this year with a Spitfire fly past.

Last but not least was the Chairman’s Picnic at Rousham Park.

August was still busy with the ever popular Brailes show (despite this year’s rain) and a new show at Broughton Castle, thanks to Alan.

Only one event in September with another new show by the Wellesbourne Lions and Nigel took the flag and banner.

October saw us return to the Malvern Show, which gave us the normal rain but only at the start, however enough to stop Alan providing the bacon rolls…..shame. There was also the Skittles Evening at the Butchers Arms which was very successful for someone!!

Getting quieter now in November with Nick inviting a guest to demo and describe the trials and tribulations of building an electric MGB for sale, interesting car.

Finally we ended the year with another great Xmas meal here at the Cross.

If my counting is up to scratch that’s 20 events (not including the other 9 Club Nights) but the great thing about it is that there were 8 organisers for this array of events, so thank you to: Alan, Nigel, Richard, Graham, Lech, Steve and Nick well done you are what makes the Club what it is. I can’t forget Norman who brings his camera to all the events he attends.

There is the prospect of lots of events this year, please be inspired and put you name down on the ‘Proposed Events List’ to organise one of them.

3. Treasurer’s Report:

Roger presented the accounts which showed the Club is in good health financially with £2,519 in the bank (including £1,434 of Heritage Run Funds). The main cost through the year were the set-up of the new Club regalia, New Banner, website and flag pole repainting. The Club requires only a small balance and the Heritage Run Funds will be turned into charitable donations. Many thanks to Mike & Helen for providing the funds through the monthly raffle.

4. Events Secretary Report:

Alan thanked everyone for supporting the Club and attending all of the events through the year but as he has stepped down from the post he also thanked his bunch of helpers, Mike, Jane, Steve & Gaynor for their unstinting support over the years.

5. Database Report:

At the start of 2020 we had 96 listed in the data base and 9 New joiners through 2019, however only 62 were active during the year. We did, sadly lose 2 people, Allen Smith & Alan Carter. To follow is a list of events and attendance.

EVENT                    CARS PEOPLE

Chilly Willy              20 + 15V                       59

March Madness      26 + 1V                         50 + 2V

Malvern run              9 + 2V                          15 + 2V

Drive it day             22 + 1V                          42 + 2V

Devon weekend       21 + 1V                       42 + 2V

Nigel’s Fleece Run     19                             37

Chairmans pic-nic       22                             42

Quiz on wheels          12                               23

Brailes                           10                            20

Badsey                       10                                19

Broughton Castle       17                               32

BMC Gaydon              9                                16

Malvern Autumn        5                                   10

Skittles                       14                                27

Christmas Dinner        0                                  58

6. Election of Officers:

All the Club officers, with the exception of Events Secretary are willing to re-stand and no one has offered themselves for election. The proposal was for a vote on-block, motion proposed by Steve E and seconded by Alan C. The vote was carried unanimously.

Chairman: Paul Dunster

Treasurer: Roger Jackson

Database Secretary: David Rayner

No firm offers to stand as Events Sec were received prior to the meeting, however Trevor volunteered and was proposed by: Nigel H and Seconded by: Fred B. Trevor was duly elected.

Events Secretary: Trevor Smith

7. Any Other Business:

There was no other business.

Meeting closed at 14 minutes.