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Minutes – AGM 4th January 2022 – 8.23pm

  1. Apologies for absence: Graham & Fiona Robson, Norman & Chris Large, Lech, Alan & Julia Cleobury, Andy Bourne, Peter & Julia Grice, Peter Maxwell, David Tilley, Tony & Glenys Barr, David Harrison and Roger & Caroline Phipp. 39 people present.
  2. Chairman’s Report
  3. Treasurer’s Report: Accounts presented and the Club still has over £1,000 in the bank with no significant purchases this year.
  4. Events Secretary Report:
  5. Database Report: Despite the difficulties of Lockdowns we have still managed to recruit new members with 6 in 2020 & 7 in 2021 giving a total number of 89 (a ‘couple’ are counted as one). The prize for the best attendance was drawn out of a hat with the names of Event attendees and the winner was John Hale.
  6. Election of Officers: No one has come forward to be an officer of the Club, so the current incumbents are prepared to continue on the understanding that the workload is shared around. Voted in en-block Proposed by Steve E and seconded by Alan G, carried unanimously as follows:

Chairman: Paul Dunster

Treasurer: Roger Jackson

Events Secretary: Trevor Smith

Database Secretary: David Rayner

Additional Roles:

Raffle (Mike & Helen Jones), MGOC Monthly Report (Graham Robson), Newsletter (Norman Large), Website (Mike Jones) and Regalia (Richard Avery).

Events: All Events will be co-ordinated by the Events Secretary (Trevor), so anyone thinking about organising any sort of Event please liaise with Trevor in the first instance, however I’m always happy to help, advise, answer questions etc…

Newsletter: Norman will be an Editor, so will need will need some ‘Words’ from all of us to be included, if he is sent nothing there will be no Newsletter. Don’t be afraid of writing something, if you would like to read it then so will others.

  1. Any Other Business: a) Could we have an area on the Website for ‘Recommended Suppliers’. When Mike has got to grips with the site, I’m sure this can be considered. b) ‘Swap Shop’. To allow people to offer surplus spares between each other. Is there any interest in this? How could it be done? c) Club funds, should these be used to subsidise events? What balance would be correct to hold, general consensus was to maintain at the current level to allow a float for event bookings, purchases etc…

Meeting closed at 9.02pm (39 minutes).