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Social Distance Run

Sunday 14th June 2020

As I said in my email to everyone, if the response to this run is anything to go by it was enjoyed by everyone who took part (and some that didn’t, with David & Diane in isolation pending an op, they saw us all passing by their house!!). It was no doubt helped that the weather was kind to us but I think it was the chance to get the MGs out and say hello in person to our MG friends. What was really amazing was how you all followed the instructions and kept to the timetable, so the chaos I was fearing didn’t materialise. A great day out, so we will do it again

‘On Your Drive’ – Drive-it-Day  

Sunday 26th April 2020

Due to the ‘Lockdown’ from the outbreak of Coronavirus, it was not possible to have our normal ‘Drive-it-Day Run’ but Phil F came up with a good idea to have ‘On Your Drive Day’.  I emailed everyone not knowing what sort of response we would get but it was fantastic, with over 30 people sending in photos which were added to the Arden MG Club WhatsApp Group page.  I also sent the photos over to Norman who produced the Montage below:

I also received lots of comments with the photos some of which are (these are followed by all the photos):

Got my car out this morning, wiped it down, switched the engine on, closed my eyes and imagined amazing country roads for a few minutes! 
Stay safe and well.

Kevin Tasker

Thanks for staying in touch with us all and your efforts on virtual meetings – haven’t made one yet but will try to catch one in the future. A couple of photos attached, MGA running bit TC awaiting return of some wheels!

John Woolston

MG photos on the drive today.
What a great day it would have been for the drive – a year for the history books!
Keep Safe

Richard & Fiona

Hi Paul
Hope you are well
Pic for the gallery, if you think it is up to standard.
At least the car is out of the garage, good excuse to polish!
All the best

Alan and Liz Griffith

Doors open for “Morag” on Drive it Day

David Curtis

How’s this Paul….sorry we forgot to dress up for the golf club… ..love

Mick & Marg Walker

Hi Paul -what a grand day for it!! Here’s my photo for Arden`s Drive it Day! 
Best wishes

Andy Bourne

This sunny weather is mocking us

Alan Palmer

All ready for the road but just need the bacon butties to arrive. Yes it did take some time to get them all out but I enjoyed every minute.

Steve Farr.

We would like to thank Alan & Liz for arranging the most unique Drive-it-Day ever, even ‘cooking’ up the idea of ‘do your own lunch’!
Well done

Alan & Julia

         Getting Ready                                                         On Your Marks

         Get Set                                                                        GO!!

Graham was ‘Exhausted’ after trying to get tuned up.

John’s MGA taken on a previous day plus his Challenger ‘E Type’ and MGB engine Bugatti.

John & Sonia are all set to avoid Coronavirus!!

Nigel was the first ne on the day.

Norman with new spot lights and ready for the sunshine.

Paul A’s TC is undergoing repairs but the spare (Austin 7) is ready for the party.

Peter was concerned when he found a ‘leak’ in his car, well it is an MGF (worried about head gasket failure!!).

The Red cars almost won on the day.  Enjoy the drink Phil.

Graham christened it ‘Push it Day’, you really do need to get that starter motor fixed!!

Well at least Merlot got to have a drive.

Trevor and Angie couldn’t leave the TD on the drive, wishful thinking with the Rally Board on the project car, maybe next year but no one will be able to keep up with you. 

Phil who started it all was the last to send his photo 


Chilly Willy Run

 New Year’s Day

 The Golden Cross to The Golden Cross

This got the New Year off to a great start, this year we started and finished at the Golden Cross and a few folks took advantage of the bacon rolls before the run. The route was set out using only gritted roads but the weather was warm enough that we didn’t need to, however there were some interesting roads for us to travel along. It would appear that one of the junctions changed from when we did the recce as it appeared different to the instruction but it was so close to the Cross I don’t think anyone got lost!! It was great to see that two thirds of you took the day seriously and used your MG, my ‘B’ was indisposed but we did bring the ‘New MG 124 Spider’, maybe this is what the MGB should have become. There were 33 of sitting down to lunch and the staff at the Cross did their usual great job looking after us.  Here are some photos of the day, many thanks to Norman for bringing his camera, his photos can be viewed and downloaded from: