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Chilly Willy (Lockdown Breakout) Run – 11th April

We finally managed to have our first event of the year. As the original Chilly Willy Run was postponed from 1st January due to the CoronaVirus restrictions/lockdown, when these restrictions were eased it was time to get the cars out. It was a ‘Socially Distanced’ run with no more than 6 people gathering at any one time, by having a circular route with 2 cars travelling anticlockwise and 1 car going clockwise, with a meeting stop every 2 miles or so to stop have a quick chat and move on to the next stop. All was going to be OK until one of the bits of road was close due to Severn Trent doing work digging up the road, so a detour needed to be added to the route at the last minute but despite the instructions only being sent out late Saturday afternoon everyone was able to enjoy a pleasant morning in sunshine most of the time (better than the snow blizzard at 8.30am before we started!!).

Here are a selection of photos from Norman and myself, taken at some of the stopping places. A great day out and we will do a variation again for Drive-it-Day.

All of Norman’s photos can be viewed on his website at: