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Chilly Willy Social Distance Run

Thanks to everyone for the tremendous response, there is definitely enough of you to warrant setting up the run, which will be similar to the ones in the summer but with some different stops. Providing the restrictions still allow, the run will be on. I think we need to start earlier than last time so the ‘First’ rotation will be at 11.00am (you need to be at your start point a little earlier to have a chat). As I said before modern cars are accepted for this run (I will be in my ‘MG Spider’ again as I’m removing the engine from the ‘B’!!).

The list so far is as follows:

Nick & Phillipa G

Peter & Julia G

Mike & Jane G

Steve & Gaynor

Fred & Jane B

Graham & Fiona R

John W

Tony & Glenys B

Mick & Margy W

David & Alison S

David & Diane R

Paul & Sara

Trevor & Angela S

Martin & Pauline S

John & Sonia H

Richard & Fiona A

Alan & Liz G

John & Jill P

Mike & Helen J

John S

If you are on the list and find you can’t make the run please let me know and if you would like to join in there is still time (as you may remember we need an odd number of pairs!!!).

I will email the route sheets out the day before.