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Newsletter February 2021

Hello All

‘No Mask’

This Newsletter is deliberately late this Month, I was waiting for the COVID Restrictions Road Map to be announced by Boris on Monday, in case anything came up that would make a difference in our event planning (wishful thinking I know). It’s a good thing I did as it looks like we may be able to meet again but not until April!

On the 12th Feb both Caroline and I had our COVID vaccination and didn’t feel too well afterwards but soon recovered. This must be the start of hope for the future, who else has been ‘done’?

Thanks, as ever to Graham for the above topical cartoon but of course ‘Don’t Try This at Home’!

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 2nd March: Due to the continuing CoronaVirus restrictions the next 2 meetings will need to be by Zoom. I will ask Fiona to host them again for us and will send the invitations out by email the weekend before. I discussed having a small quiz at the next meeting and I wil try and put something together, we will also use the same ‘Break-out’ meetings, which seem to work OK.

Chilly Willy – Lockdown Breakout Social Distance Run: According to the latest information we will be allowed to meet in groups of up to 6 people, so we will be able to hold the Social Distance Run that was prepared for New Year’s Day. I think the Easter Weekend will be too busy, so let’s go for the following Sunday, so it will be on the 11th April. Providing the Government Test’s are met and the restrictions lifted I will send out the instructions over the previous week. If you would like to join in please let me know and I will start a new list.

Club Night – Tuesday 6th April: Zoom Meeting.

Drive-it-Day – Sunday 25th April: I don’t think we will be able to hold our normal type of run for this day, so would you like to do a re-run of the Chilly Willy Run? I can mix up the people you meet and where possible send you the other way round the route! Let me know what you think.

Other Events:

Coast to Coast – 30th July to 1st August 2021:

Norman Verona is again running this event (from Morecambe to Sunderland) next year and is advising anyone who would like to attend to book their hotels and for the event. If you are interested please contact him at:

Other Matters:

Nick has sent an update from Peter Swain of RBW Cars, that he has been awarded a patent for the sub-frame he invented for the electric MGB we saw at the Nov 2019 Club Night. This is good news for him and it looks like he is making progress with the project, who saw the article in the January edition of ‘Enjoying MG’?

What Have You Done in your MG:

Several comments have been sent in this month starting with John:

“Thanks for the news letter, it had me thinking. What have I done with my MG last month/s? Is it still in the garage? Nice sunny day I’ll take a look. Yes its still in there, I wonder if it works, so charge up the batteries, hot air gun over the electrical things and a splash of fresh petrol and would you believe it……away it went.

Better go for an essential journey. Four laps round Dovehouse Drive [Wellesbourne] should do. All OK except for the steering ( same problem as Helen I think ). Fortunately the B has reasonable seat adjustment but being vertically challenged I struggle to reach the pedals now. Oh dear I feel a diet coming on……..“

Next from Graham:

“as for “what I did with my MG . . . .”, I wonder how many people would be prepared to admit to the fact they give it a friendly pat as they go past it in the garage?“

Answers please. Thanks to John & Graham

I have made some progress with the engine bay on my ‘B’. All the 50 years of oil and muck have been cleaned out, I then got my new welding kit out and put some seam welds on the off-side inner wing repair that I had plug welded 20 years ago (apparently for the MoT Test it needs to be fully welded!!), it’s not pretty but is more solid. After Kurust where required, I have applied 2 coats of Hammerite No1 primer (I had to wait a week as the temperature in the garage was consistently below the recommended minimum of 8 Deg C!!) and is now ready for the top coat.

As ever Andy has been busy and finally found motivation to get on with some chores on his Midget:

Due to a bad dose of lockdown lethargy, progress on my car is slow! I think I previously told you I had renewed the sticking handbrake cable. Not as easy as I expected, as the passenger seat had to come out, to remove the brake lever from the transmission tunnel. Of course, all set screws and seat runner bolts were seized -anyhow I finally got the new cable fitted and working well -just never got round to repairing the seat runners (welding up the captive bolts that were spinning about ), so I finally got the job done and seat ready to refit later today! Just got to find a reason to get her out of the garage then! (Apologies for picture quality -I have a problem with the SLR Camera -but that’s another story!)

Thanks Andy, keep up the good work

Following on from Mike’s comment about Helen and the TC (diet) and John’s comments above it has prompted Graham to comment:

“Following on from Helen’s story about finding the TC steering wheel a bit of a tight fit after Christmas indulgence, I went into the loft to look through old copies of “The Autocar” and found this old advert from one of those gadget companies in the 1950s and 60s, They used to sell useful things like suction-mounted ashtrays for the dashboard that fell off when you stubbed your cigarette out, or ornamental parking lights that looked completely out of keeping with the design of the car and flattened your battery in the process.“

 “Steering wheels advert”

Stay safe, stay well


Newsletter January 2021

Hello All

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year?

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 2nd February: The Golden Cross will not be allowed to open for this evening due to the current ‘Lockdown’ and I had a good response to my question about a Zoom meeting, so by popular demand we will be online. I will send out an invitation a couple of days before the 2nd , so anyone can log into the meeting.

Chilly Willy Run – As you all know I had to cancel this run due to the change for Warwickshire into Tier 4 but the work was done and there was plenty of interest, so when the restrictions allow, I will arrange a date and we can run this as ‘The ‘Chilly Willy – Lockdown Breakout ‘ Run. Watch this space for a date.

Until the situation is more stable it is difficult to plan future events but as soon as we can, we will be back!!

Other Events:

Coast to Coast – 30th July to 1st August 2021:

Norman Verona is again running this event (from Morecambe to Sunderland) next year and is advising anyone who would like to attend to book their hotels and for the event. If you are interested please contact him at:

Other Matters:

Just before Christmas Helen sent me this message that I thought I should share with you all, sorry it’s a bit late but the intention is there:

“To All our Friends in the Arden MG Car Club

As we do not hold postal addresses for many of you we thought we would send you a cyber seasons greetings from Shipston on Stour.

We hope this email finds you all well during this festive time.

Mike has been busy doing some DIY in the house, needless to say I have kept out the way!  The TC did get a brief outing onto the driveway the other week when the plumber came to service our boiler(boiler is in our garage) so she had to be pushed out for a short time. She was admired by a local dog walker before we put her waterproof cover on just in case the British weather decided to change.  I did have to start her up to drive her back into the garage and it soon became apparent that Helen has put on a few pounds over lockdown as the tummy now sits on the steering wheel! I see a funny cartoon by Graham here (however I don’t seem to have an email address for him so I may get away with it!)   
Needless to say that Helen has already made enquiries on purchasing a smaller steering wheel for next year just in case she can’t shift the weight before we are able to get our classics back out in the spring time.  Although I think a diet is cheaper than a new steering wheel!  Maybe sitting here typing this email while slurping a large rum and coke isn’t helping matters but it doesn’t half go down rather nicely with a homemade cup cake that I made for Mike’s birthday Sunday!

I have attached a photo of the TC from last year when I gave one of my work colleagues (who doesn’t drive) a blast in her.  It was a rather nice day weather wise (makes a change) which was great and Carole thoroughly enjoyed her drive into Stratford in style!

Anyway enough of us waffling on.  We wish you all a relaxing Christmas and hopefully a better 2021 for us all!  Keep in touch and look forward to seeing your faces again soon as we miss you all.

Cheers for now


Helen, Mike and TC!“

What Have You Done in your MG:

Dusty has told us in previous Newsletters about importing a TD from the USA and has sent me an up-date:

“G’day Paul, here’s a bit that could be an ongoing saga!

In November the TD finally arrived from America. We had been tracking the progress on line once the ship had reached European water. We watched it come up the channel and then an off load in Germany before finally arriving at Felixstowe. With the ongoing restrictions we decided that the importing company could deliver to the door. Then the fun started. We plan to change from LHD to RHD so a partial strip down was started which as we progressed increased with the more we discovered. Some previous poor restoration work around the back of the body tub and corrosion has ended with a complete dismantling and body off. The car has, at some time, been resprayed in its (we think) original ivory and the interior redone using the beige colour leathercloth, although there are traces of green, stapled to plywood wall board cladding. There are signs of new front shocks and brake parts. The SU fuel pump has been replaced by an in-line pump under the floor protected by an old road sign!

The ash frame is remarkably good except in one small area which will have to be made good. The wiring is more than suspect, so will need a new loom.

With the tub off it’s now just a matter of stripping off decades of oil, underseal, paint and grime, repainting, a respray etc etc .

More hopefully next month after the accident with the grinder heals.


Thanks Dusty, I hope you are enjoying the ‘fun’. “Accident with the grinder” sounds grim please be more careful in future!!

Graham has been ‘sort’ of busy with his Midget!!:

““What I didn’t do with my MG this month”

Fair do’s . . . I should have acted earlier. I noticed it earlier in the week – on the way to the MG in the garage. Next time we went past – on the way to Tesco Click’n’Collect – we realised THAT TYRE WAS FLAT. Not just a bit saggy like earlier in the week, this was FLAT.

Yes, reader, this was on the Jaguar, not the MG.

Set to with my trusty foot-operated pump. Me with a not-sorted-out-since-injuring-it-in-October knee, as well. Around 1800 pumps later – yes, I admit it, I was counting – and the gauge hadn’t moved. Not even slightly.

Friendly passer-by confirms my conviction that the bead seal’s gone, so, for the past 1800 foot pumps, I had just been moving the air from the sucky-in bit of the pump to the neighbouring area, perhaps just making the odd leaf flutter on a nearby bush.

Freezing bloody cold . . . jacked car up . . . took tyre off and heaved it into Fiona’s Citroen for the nice people on the Trading Estate in Alcester – Protyre or Eclipse or Prolapse or something – to investigate.

Tyre was completely sound. They put a new bead seal in place, and, accompanying a pleasantly small bill, cheerfully produced that expression you never want to hear a computer engineer utter: “Never seen that happen before. No idea what caused it”.

Rather wish they’d not said that, as am now confident it will happen AGAIN.“

Thanks Graham, I’m not sure what I can say to that!!

I have made a bit of progress with the engine bay work on my ‘B’ and yes I did take the heater out, I hope I can get the new one back in!!

I’ve now got no excuse to get cracking and make some progress as this pile of parts arrived this morning, happy days.

As ever Graham gets the last word with another of his cartoons to enjoy, thanks Graham.

Stay safe, stay well