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Newsletter June 2021

Hello All

Let’s start with a cartoon from Graham. This is topical for me and quite close to reality. To get the fuel gauge to work on my car I have replaced the voltage stabiliser and to get at it I removed the rev counter and fed my arm through the hole!!


It was good to be back at the Golden Cross for a Club Night and we were lucky with the weather and sat outside in the garden and thanks to everyone for sticking to the COVID rules with wearing masks and keeping to the tables of 6. It’s a shame we are limited to a group of 30, however we could have had a second group but there was not enough demand. Part way through the evening we had a move round and a pair at each table moved onto another table to allow us to meet up with other people.

I was able to report (sat down of course) about the Run for the Lockdown opening of the British Motor Museum and 14 cars had the chance of a ‘Run Out’ and it was a fine sight with us lined up at the front of the Museum. Although the Museum was open for business quite a few decided to stay outside and socialise and the few showers didn’t dampen the spirits too much for the picnics. Anyway we kept up the tradition of visiting the Museum for their opening.

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 6th July: The Show Night originally planned for this evening has been postponed until next month due to the announcement that the COVID restrictions were not going to be eased on 21st June (being limited to 30 people, therefore only 15 cars would be somewhat under whelming). The Club Night will now be an ‘Outside’ meeting again (subject to weather conditions and availability in the restaurant) and limited to 30 people, however we can have a second separate group if there is sufficient interest, to date I have 24 booked for the evening. The idea of moving a pair around the tables worked well last month, so we will do this again and maybe more than once, what do you think?

BMC & Leyland Show at BMM Gaydon – Sunday 11th July: We have a reserved space for us to display our cars at the front of the Museum, in a prime spot and so far I have 12 cars booked, so will be able to accept more if you are interested. You will have access to the Show, the Museum and the Collections Centre and is usually a good day out. I will be getting the tickets on 25th June, to allow for distribution, so last day to book is Thursday 24th.

BMC & Leyland Show at the British Motor Museum 2020

Sunday 25th July – Aunt Sally Lunch: Trevor has arranged this for us at the Balscot Pub and will include enjoying a basket lunch. If you don’t know what ‘Aunt Sally’ is then come along and find out. We do need to pre-order the lunch but pay on the day. Lunch choices are:

Chicken & Chips, Sausage & Chips and Scampi & Chips, cost is £7.00 per person.

Starting at 1pm. Please book with Trevor ( stating your meal choices.

Tuesday 3rd August – Show Night: The rescheduled evening, same idea as previous years, give your MG a good clean & polish and we will display them all in the Orchard Car Park at the Golden Cross. Everyone has a voting slip and there are prizes to be won. If the restrictions are lifted as scheduled we should be able to fill the Orchard, so dust off the cobwebs and bring your MG for some light hearted fun in the sun.

Show Night at the Golden Cross 2019

Sunday 8th August – Mad March Run: Well of course this is the rescheduled run from March 2020, postponed due to several ‘Lockdowns’!! The new end venue is the Happy Hereford’s in Tysoe for lunch and will be a run from the Golden Cross through some good Warwickshire countryside. Lunch can be ordered on the day but booking with Trevor ( is essential.

Sunday 22nd August – Chairman’s Picnic: This is the rescheduled date for the Chairman’s Picnic. Mike and Jane have kindly invited us to have our Picnic in the garden of their ‘New’ house, which looks fantastic and they have a large garden so we can spread out. Mike has agreement with his neighbour for us to park our MGs in the Orchard that overlooks their garden, which will look great.

For the picnic, I think it will be better in these COVID times not to be sharing food, so please bring your own picnic for you to enjoy and please bring your own refreshments, however Jane has offered to provide tea & coffee.

I have set a run starting from the Golden Cross and meandering through the lanes for 28 miles. We will meet at the Cross from 11am and bacon rolls (£2.50) & tea/coffee (£1.00) will be available to purchase to sustain you for the run. We will therefore arrive in Childswickham in good time for our picnic lunch. Of course the sun will be shining by then but some contingences will be in place just in case it is not!!

Please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to join in the fun.

I have got about 18 cars booked and I will add the names on the website when I get a chance.

Sunday 5th September – Alan’s Mystery Run: Another run that was postponed last year was the ‘Drive-it-Day’ run and Alan is rearranging this for September, however the Stratford Golf Club may not be possible but there will be a lunch venue. Book the date in your diary/calendar, I have started a list for bookings, let me know if you want to join in.

Tuesday 7th September – Club Night: Social evening at the Golden Cross.

Sunday 19th September – Dorridge Day Classic Car Show: We have been invited to join in this show, so let’s give it a try. Trevor is taking the bookings ( ).

Sunday 26th September – Cars at the SPA: Trevor has a Club display at this relatively new show for us and it is located on the Pump Room Gardens in Leamington Spa. It is a charity event, so the organisers are asking for a donation of at least £10 per car, however it is only a small show, so Trevor needs bookings NOW (, so he can reserve the correct space.

Other Events:

Sunday 4th July – Warwick Healey CC21: I was contacted by the MGOC about this event (they had in turn been contacted by the Healey Club) to promote this event as it is local to us at the British Motor Museum in Gaydon. It is a gathering of all the Healey Clubs and partly celebrating the Launch of the Mark II Sprite but as this also coincides with the launch of the MG Midget (Mk I) there will be a dedicated parking area for the Midget. Gift Aid tickets will be valid but booking is advised as the capacity number has been reduced due to the COVID restrictions. If you are interested, go to the Museum website to book your car pass and ticket.

Wednesday 14th July – Joint Natter: West Midlands Members meet up with the Wye Valley Crowd. The location is The Rose and Crown, Church Lane, Severn Stoke, WR8 9JQ,  just off the A38 between Worcester and Upton on Severn. The parking is in the playing field behind the car park opposite the front of the pub.

Please confirm attendance in advance with the organisers

Janet & Peter Chapman 01684 833337

I have not seen anything suggesting this has been cancelled, so you might want to check before travelling.

Other Matters:

I have received to following request from John Philps:

One of the problems with this Covid stuff is the lack of meeting up and chatting about common problems etc.  I have a problem which maybe could be a question for the Newsletter. I was wondering if anyone in the club with a T or TF has had a problem with the lining of their hardtop coming adrift and what they had done about it. Would like to know what they did and/or if they found someone locally to fix it.

He will be at the July Club Night if you have any suggestions or drop me an email and I will forward to him.

Nick Godfrey has sent me details of a BGT for sale:

A man in the village is selling the car below. He was thinking about £15k I think. Looks a nice car. I’m not sure about the white dash personally.

Could you ask if anyone in the club is interested?

(The ad at the bottom is when he bought it about 6 years ago I think).

There are plenty more photos, so if you are interested contact Nick in the first instance ( ).

What Have You Done in your MG:

An update from Dusty with the progress on his USA import MG TD:

It’s fighting us every way! Two steps forward and one back. Why doesn’t it realise that we are trying to return it to a presentable condition? Must miss the Arizona sunshine I guess. We were set to bring the body tub back from the spray shop on Monday but then read on Shipston facebook forum that a trailer and pickup had been stolen from a local farm. Yes you’ve guessed it, so a friend’s horse box was pressed into service.

Previously, while we had access we removed the gearbox and replaced the clutch as in our brief try-out up the drive it had been very vicious. At the same time the rubber bushes under it were replaced but something didn’t seem quite correct. There was no anchorage for the gearbox nor for the prop-shaft cover, which had an odd bulge as if it had hit the U/J, and floorboards not supported properly but with lack of garage space it meant the body had to go on the chassis. A look on various forums disclosed that there should be a cast location tag on the underside of the g/box, also a bracket to support the floor. Both missing. Now with the body on and the lower bulkhead bolted in place, the box had to come out for the recommended mods for a common fault and replacement of a new floor support bracket. Not so easy with the tub on. The gearbox should have a cast in tag that protrudes from the base with a hole through which is a small shaft. A U shaped bracket with a bolt going down through rubber mounts fixes to the mounting and to the chassis. This was all missing. It seems that the fracture of the tag is fairly commonplace as there were several remedies on TD forums. There are two more tags set at 90% to the original which we drilled to take a bar -tapped at each end – which could then be mated to replacement original spec parts. The fabricated mounting that holds all this and also supports the floor and prop shaft tunnel had been somewhat butchered and had to be replaced.

The new wiring loom has been on order from the Octagon Club since November with no promises of a delivery date which is really holding up progress, as it will be easier to fit before the floors and the rest of the bodywork (still at the spray shop) is fitted. Brakes have been inspected and bled now that the pedal box is transferred left to right {hand drive} but the pedal movement is very stiff and doesn’t readily return. – A weak spring in the Hydraulic pump perhaps? Another problem to overcome.

In the meantime cleaned and refurbished parts are being re-fitted where possible together with a new fuel line and SU fuel pump – it had been fitted with an on-line pump and bits of rubber pipe under the floor protected by an old road sign!

A new RHD burr walnut dash has been made. I have enough veneer left for another one, should any member need it.

My ‘B’ is still not properly on the road again!! There is still fuel coming out of the float chamber overflow on the carbs!! I have changed the needle valves, the fuel pump back to the original, the floats and have installed a pressure regulator but still not fully solved.

To close we have another topical cartoon from Graham (he is thinking this might be the last of the COVID ones):

Stay safe, stay well


125th (+1) Edition Newsletter May 2021

Hello All

As you can see above this is a ‘Milestone’ Newsletter for me, after I had sent the April edition I had a sudden thought that I had been Chairman for over 10 years which would mean 120 newsletters and April was the 4th month of my eleventh year, so May would be my 125th!! I thought I had better check this was the case, so I looked back over all the previous files (yes they are all there on the computer!!!) to find that I had actually missed 3 newsletters (only 3, not bad in over 10 years) in all that time but we did go away on holiday a lot before all these Lockdowns, however last year during the first lockdown I actually did 2 newsletters for 4 months, do the maths and April was in fact my 125th!! That must be a lot of words I have typed and you might have read (or not)!


The sooner we can get back to Club Meetings at the Golden Cross the better, the thrill of the Zoom meetings is beginning to wane such that we were down to 11 ‘boxes’ with 19 people in total. We used the breakout meetings again (and I think Fiona will be glad not to have to do that again), which continues to be the best way to run the evening, so thanks again Fiona. With the help of Caroline I did a short quiz with a selection of Current Affairs, General Knowledge & Transport questions and as ever there was a tie with three couples on 10 but Mike and Jane were the nearest on the tie-break, so no wooden spoon for them this time!

Before the Club Night we had 2 ‘Social Distance Runs’, starting with the Chilly Willy (Lockdown Breakout) Run which had been postponed from New Year’s Day due to the COVID restrictions. There were just a couple of difficulties, firstly one stretch of road was closed (it was planned for the work to have been finished in time to open the road again but this ‘over-ran’, so I had a fraught day changing all the route sheets with a diversion, not to mention a change to one of the stops but everyone finally received their route sheets. The second difficulty was when I opened the curtains on the morning to be greeted by a snow blizzard (hence Graham’s cartoon inspired by Tony & Glenys), well the route had been planned for January, so used gritted roads but didn’t really expect it to be important in April!! We didn’t need to worry by the time we started, the snow had gone and the sun was shining, isn’t the weather great in England. Most teams managed to keep to the timetable and navigate the route, so it was all good.

This was followed two weeks later by the ‘Drive-it-Day’ Run and the road was now open, so we could revert to the original Chilly Willy Route. There was also the full compliment of 27 cars circulating round the route. We also had the added benefit that the Golden Cross was open on the Sunday and almost everyone took advantage and booked a table (in groups of 6) for when the run had finished and the weather was kind to us to sit outside for lunch. As the FBHVC (who are the originators of the Drive-it-Day) had chosen the NSPCC charity ‘Childline’ as their charity for the day (with the proceeds from Rally Plate sales going to this cause and we have our own Plates) I made a collection on the day and several people make good donations after the day, so we have sent £73.62. Thank you to all those who gave so generously to a very worthwhile cause.

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 1st June: The Golden Cross is now open 7 days a week again and Matt has agreed to us holding our meetings again, however I think it would be prudent to continue with an ‘Outdoor’ meeting if the weather will allow. The restrictions will still be in force for this meeting so we will be limited to groups of 30, so I will now be taking bookings for this meeting and if we exceed 30 then I will split the numbers into 2 groups and arrange people into sensible groups. It will help Matt to know the numbers in good time before the day to reserve tables, so please let me know as soon as possible, I will advise Matt on Friday 28th May how many tables we will need. If the weather is looking like it will be inclement then we will need to move indoors, in which case we will be limited to 30 and that will be decided by who books first.

Chairman’s Picnic – Sunday 27th June – Broadway: Mike and Jane have kindly invited us to have our Picnic in the garden of their ‘New’ house, which looks fantastic and they have a large garden so we can spread out. Mike has agreement with his neighbour for us to park our MGs in the Orchard that overlooks their garden, which will look great.

For the picnic, I think it will be better in these COVID times not to be sharing food, so please bring your own picnic for you to enjoy and please bring your own refreshments, however Jane has offered to provide tea & coffee.

I have set a run starting from the Golden Cross and meandering through the lanes for 28 miles. We will meet at the Cross from 11am and bacon rolls & tea/coffee will be available to purchase to sustain you for the run. We will therefore arrive in Childswickham in good time for our picnic lunch. Of course the sun will be shining by then but some contingences will be in place just in case it is not!!

Please let me know as soon as you can if you would like to join in the fun.

I have already got about 10 cars booked and I will add the names on the website when I get a chance.

Club Night – Tuesday 6th July: Yes, it is that time of year again when you need to get your MGs out and give them a good clean and polish. There will be at least 4 catagories for you all to vote on with lots of prizes, so everyone is in with a chance. I will be there from around 7pm, so lets have a good get together and fill the orchard car park with MGs. At this time we don’t know if Test & Trace will still be running, so it will be best if you can all let me know in advance if you will be attending.

Show Night at the Golden Cross 2019

BMC & Leyland Show at BMM Gaydon – Sunday 11th July: I have reserved us a display space for this show at the Museum and Tom (shows manager) has told me we can have our space infront of the Collections Centre again, this is a prime spot, so please come along and join us, I will be able to get car display and museum passes for those booked to attend. Let me know and I will add you to the list.

BMC & Leyland Show British Motor Museum 2020

Club Night – Tuesday 3rd August: Social evening at the Golden Cross.

Trevor’s Sunday Run – August: Trevor is looking to resurrect the run he had planned for the ‘March Madness Run’ from last year that was postponed due to COVID, however he is investigateing a new and interesting lunch venue. More details soon.

Alan’s Mystery Run – Sunday 5th September: Another run that was postponed last year was the ‘Drive-it-Day’ run and Alan is rearranging this for September, however the Stratford Gold Club may not be possible but there will be a lunch venue. Book the date in your diary/calendar.

Club Night – Tuesday 7th September: Social evening at the Golden Cross.

Dorridge Day Classic Car Show – Sunday 19th September: We have been invited to join in this show, so let’s give it a try. Trevor is arranging the details.

Cars at the SPA – Sunday 26th September: Again Trevor is looking in to arranging us a Club display at this relatively new show. It is a charity event, so the organisers are asking for a donation of at least £10 per car, however it is only a small show, so we will need to book soon. The SPA is in Leamington Spa, in the gardens adjacent to the Pump Rooms. I walked through the show a couple of years ago and there was a very good selection of cars on display, so worth going. Trevor is going to be very busy!!

Other Matters:

Future events planning for 2022: Towards the end of 2019 I had started to put together a list of possible Events for the following year, however COVID put paid to those plans but let’s hope 2022 will be better than that, so I’m going to start the process again in good time for next year. I will organise the following events: Chilly Willy Run (New Year’s Day), Chairman’s Picnic, Heritage Run Revisited, Show Night and the Xmas Meal. If there are to be any other events, someone will need to come forward to volunteer to organise them. When I get a chance I will create a new page on the Club website showing the events that are planned with dates where known, it’s down to you to volunteer, just let me know what you would like to arrange and I will add it to the list. As I did before I will put some suggestions forward for possible events but you can devise your own ideas as well. There is plenty of experience within the Club to seek advice from about how to approach the organisation and I will be more than happy to assist and advise. Over to you!!

I have received a request from a previous member of the Club to sell some of his surplus MG stuff:

I have regrettably sold my MGA and TD .
I have some MGA items which your members might be interested in .
Rubber over mats, brand new unused, £30.00
Motolita wood rim steering wheel, 15”. Excellent condition. £100.00
Converter hubs, for centre lock wheels. Excellent condition, only used 3000 miles 2 No £50.00.
MGA Workshop manual. Unused, as new. £10.00
MGA Owners handbook as new. Free.
MG logo T shirt , large, new. Free.
If any of your members are interested I can be contacted on this email address or by telephone on either 01386 446816 or 07976 661372.
I am open to reasonable offers.
Arthur Thorpe

If anyone is interested in the above items please contact Arthur directly.

What Have You Done in your MG:

Almost Finished

No other reports this month, so you will have to read about the continuing saga of my ‘B’. I think I finished my report in the last Newsletter saying “will it be finished for Sunday”, well those of you who were at the Drive-it-Day Run will know it wasn’t!! Nor was it finished for the BMM Reopening Run, although it was very close. Everything was back together but there was a leak out of both the carb float chambers, a call to the Owners Club spares department advised they had not had any float needle vales in stock for over 12 months, so what to do? Of course the answer is always ‘ebay’ (other auction sites are available) and a quick look and a seller was found and the parts ordered, they arrived today. A thorough search of the garage and I eventually found the correct SU box spanner I acquired approx 40 years ago (I knew it would come in useful again), don’t throw anything away. It is looking like everything is ready to go and what was the weather like today? Pouring down, so the test drive will have to wait a few days (and I need to put the bonnet back on) but we should be ‘On the Road’ again soon.

To close we have another topical cartoon from Graham (I think I might do the same!!):

Stay safe, stay well


Newsletter April 2021

Hello All


The April meeting was again a Zoom night with 17 in attendance and again we used the ‘Breakout’ meetings, going into smaller groups to allow us all to have a good chat with everyone, so thanks to Fiona for hosting (afterwards she showed me the check sheet she uses to sort out mixing up the groups and it makes your mind boggle , so well done and thank you to her). There was another quiz but with only 15 questions, it must have been easier because there were 5 groups on 10 points, so I had to quickly think of a tie-break question and Roger & Caroline were the quickest to get the correct number (How many tiles are there in a game of Scrabble?), well done to them and thank you to (my) Caroline for setting the questions.

Future Events:

Cars at the Ragley Hall Start for the Chilly Willy Lockdown Breakout Run

Drive-it-Day – Sunday 25th April: This will be a ‘re-run’ of the Chilly Willy Run but I am hopeful I will be able to use the original planned route, so beware if you did the Chilly Willy, the instructions will be different. I’m going to start the first rotation earlier at 10.30 because the Golden Cross will be open and anyone who wants to can book to go for lunch or a drink, of course in groups of 6 on tables in the garden. I will be recce-ing the route again on Thursday afternoon and if there are no difficulties I will be able to email the route sheets on Friday. Mick & Margy had a good suggestion, which is to write the departure time for each stop on the route sheet, so you know where you should be along the route. I must stress that with the CoronaVirus restrictions we must have no more the 6 people gathering at any stop. The run is fully booked for Sunday but I will start a reserve list for anyone who is still interested (the full list of bookings is on the Club website, look at ‘Events 2021’). If you are booked and find you are not able to attend please let me know, so I can ensure each stop will have at least 2 cars. I think there may have been some confusion on the CW Run with the number of cars, in order to conform to the ‘Rule of Six’ the event was set up with 2 cars going Anti-clockwise and only 1 car going clockwise, meaning only 3 cars will ever meet at any stop.

This year the FBHVC have teamed up with the NSPCC, so I will have a collection tin for ‘Childline’, so bring some cash if you would like to make a donation on the day.

Club Night – Tuesday 4th May: The Golden Cross is only going to open over the weekends at least until until the 17th of May, so will not be open for this meeting such that we will need to have the meeting by Zoom. Fiona has already agreed to host and I will send the log-in details the weekend before. We will run it the same as previous with breakout sessions and a short quiz, can anyone beat Roger & Caroline!!

BMM Re-opening Run – Monday 17th May:

British Motor Museum Reopening Run 2018

Even the MD thinks this has become a tradition, so I have been able to book us a space at the Museum for this day and they are going to allow us to display our cars on the grass just outside the main entrance. For those that wish to visit the Museum the Gift Aid Tickets will be valid, or you can pay for a ticket and tick the Gift Aid button which will give you 12 months free re-entry. Buying a ticket is not necessary to enter the grounds and park in our display but you will need a ticket to use the Cafe (toilet facilities will be available outside). Please note if you want to go into the Museum it will be essential to pre-book (select the 11.00 or 11.30 entry time). Next week I will look at setting a run, probably starting from the Golden Cross and leaving at 10am. Let me know if you would like to join the run and if you will visit the Museum. The Junction 12 cafe will be open for business and will be using their new table ordering App, so bring your smart phones.

Club Night – Tuesday 1st June: I hope the Golden Cross will be open again for us but lets wait until nearer the time to decide how the Meeting will be run.

Chairman’s Picnic – Sunday 27th June – Broadway: Put this date on your calendars, next week we will sort out some of the details but there will be the usual run and I hope bacon rolls will be available at the Cross at the start.

Club Night – Tuesday 6th July: More details nearer the time.

BMC & Leyland Show at BMM Gaydon – Sunday 11th July: I have reserved us a display space for this show at the Museum and Tom (shows manager) has told me we can have our space infront of the Collections Centre again, this is a prime spot, so please come along and join us, I will be able to get car display and museum passes for those booked to attend. Let me know and I will add you to the list.

Other Matters:

A message from Graham:

“March marked the 60th anniversary of the announcement of the E-type, at the Geneva Motor Show.

In the recent researches into the matter for a BMM presentation we learned from Tony Merrygold that:

Joanna Lumley trained as a model at the ultra-posh Lucie Clayton Charm Academy where bright young ladies were taught to be fashion models, secretaries or simply to be skilled in the ways of Society. One of the items on the curriculum was “How to Get In and Out of an E-type Jaguar Without Showing Your Knickers.”

This has been encapsulated in the attached cartoon . . . .

And here’s a bit more about E-types, but a little nearer home.

The chap that used to come to the Show Nights and win with his black MGA, Steve Johnson, later sold his MGA, and an Austin-Healey, a TR6 and a couple of his vital organs to raise money to buy an E-type.

He was out in it one day and, at a traffic junction was absolutely powerless to do anything about it when the car in front of him suddenly REVERSED into him.

A few days ago – after four months away for repair – the car was returned.

Two days ago he was sitting at a road junction . . . .

A driver cut the corner – and swiped the front of the E-type.

A mutual friend, telling the story, said Steve had rung him asking ‘if he had a tow-rope’.

We can only presume this was for stringing up the culprit . . . .“

Thanks Graham

What Have You Done in your MG:

Lots of you have been busy this month and thanks for sending in your reports. First is Graham:

Like most of us, secret plans for ‘having a little run out’ on some seriously tenuous pretext have been fermenting.

To this end, and as part of a winter maintenance programme, it was time to get the battery top-up device on the go. In traditionally over-indulgent manner I had decided to graduate from the modest-looking and probably perfectly adequate £20 Halfords battery maintenance device and go BIG.

Going BIG automatically means multi-functionality, an LED screen and an instruction leaflet running to several pages. Sadly, the latter was composed by someone for whom English was not their first language. Having followed the printed-on-airmail-thickness paper instructions (you find your lips are moving as you read, in the hope that this aids comprehension) and clipped the clippy things to the right bits, THEN plugged it in . . . the LED screen bursts into life, festooned with emojis that are guaranteed to mean SOMETHING to SOMEBODY and are buried in the flimsy literature SOMEWHERE.

Rest assured, Dear Reader; I got there on the third attempt. Testament to RTFFM. (Read the flimsy manual).

Reading the Manual, no that will never catch on!

Next up is Dusty with progress report on the USA Import TD:

Since the last report on the rebuilding of the MG TD that we imported from USA progress has continued despite the protests put up by the car.

We cleaned off a strange coating which covered all the under parts, seemed to be a filthy mixture of oil, underseal and Arizona desert which had set solid on every surface disguising several coats of cream and in places green paint also rust. A couple of coats of 2 pack chassis black had things looking better and to give ourselves a moral uplift we painted (somewhat prematurely) the engine. The rear springs were cleaned and fitted with new bushes. The next major task was the fitting of the RHD pedal box, quite tricky ensuring that everything is aligned correctly. Some new parts had to be slightly reshaped to fit with some recommended modifications done. About this time the tub went off to the spray shop, – the bodywork is being sent in instalments which suits us and the sprayers.

Next was the new RHD steering rack, no real problems here until fitting new rubber covers for the king pins which meant the brake drums had to be removed to release the backplates to unscrew the lower bearings just to replace the split rubbers. Time consuming and a pain as we’d already fitted new poly bushes. There have been new wheel cylinders fitted quite recently as these were the only parts not covered with what we’ve called Arizona Black.

While the engine had been running sweetly there was no telling if it was fitted with an unleaded head so a decoke is now in progress, just as well as some of the valve seats are quite pitted and the rubber valve stem oil seals were brittle and fell apart. We decided to leave it leaded and to use additive.

Two very small pinholes were found in the tank and as an initial cure we are trying Slosh but if that doesn’t work we’ll have to send it to a specialist.

In the meantime other parts – radiator and slats, various rods and brackets etc are being cleaned and refurbished.

As we continue we are finding various mods and bodges. The original SU fuel pump is replaced by an in-line pump under the floor protected by an old road sign. Numerous bolts have been sheared off others have been replaced with odd bolts forced into the unmatched threads. American engineering at it’s best!

And David W has been busy with his racing ‘B’:

An update in respect of my MGB.

After the early end to last season ( Castle Combe) when a cam follower broke up a fresh engine of smaller capacity (1840cc) has been built and installed. This is currently being run in on the road ( it’s still taxed and insured) which is somewhat hard on the driver as the shock absorbers now have adjustable valves which are not at full adjustment but not far off. The car is then due on Peter Burgess’ rolling road for setting up prior to the first outing at Oulton Park on Saturday 10th April. With testing on the Friday it means driving up, coming back and then driving back up the following morning ( we could only stay overnight from 12th April).

Also the screen cracked at Castle Combe. After taking the hard top off we managed to get the screen off the car (it’s a roadster) which include a lot of bad language due to inaccessibility of the bolts that hold it in (anybody who has done this will know the problems and the Haynes manual just says “undo the bolts”). The screen frame is now apart and the new screen should be in shortly.

The only concern is that my co driver has suggested we just put on an aero screen and lose all the weight of the screen and the hardtop. I suppose I don’t mind getting soaking wet but picking flies out the teeth goes too far.

If anybody wants to know more about the engine or chassis specification please let me know.

Photo taken in action at Oulton Park in the rain & Snow. Car went well, just not very good drivers on slicks!!

Graham has been extra busy and has been working on the Midget seats:

Giving the interior a bit of a smarten-up, I re-blackened, leather-fed and polished the seats. The overall appearance was a noticeable improvement.

However, as you are all perhaps aware, the major reason owners put MG Midgets up for sale is that they can’t get in them any more. Getting into Bumble, as one explains to spectators, is a knack developed over a period of time, consisting of about 70% planning . . . . and 30% gravity.

Unless you’ve recently polished the seats . . . . . . The subsequent loss of friction radically affects the 70% bit, as you find yourself into the “gravity” section of the manoeuvre considerably earlier.

The proportions are now more like 25% planning – 60% gravity – 15% fear of damage.

Hmm maybe I won’t clean my seats before I put them back in!!

Which leads me to where I have progressed to putting my ‘B’ back together. Since last months report, the loom is nearly connected up except for the front lights, I’m waiting for the bullet connectors and single connectors to arrive!! Engine is painted and back in the car and looks OK. The heater is fitted and I managed to connect the flap control cable through the vent hole (it’s much easier with no pedals or steering wheel in place!). When I got to the point of opening the boot to fit the new loom in there I realised that when I did the major work back in 2000 I painted the inside with Hammerite Red, it was close enough for the boot that no one looks in but of course I still had some paint left, so everything out, clean, degrease and paint. It looks much better. I also found in the boot the new fuel pump I have been carrying around in case the old SU pump conks out, so of course I might as well fit it now, so yes it might as well have a new feed pipe and flexible but it’s all done now. Moving back to the engine bay the pedal box is back in place and brake and clutch pipes connected, so will need to fill with brake fluid and bleed the system again. Not much more to do only; fit the alternator, fan, radiator, hoses, carbs (after cleaning), grill, bumper, pedals, steering wheel, seats………….

Will it be finished for Sunday!!!!!

Stay safe, stay well


Newsletter March 2021

Hello All

Club Night Zoom Meeting – Quiz

We actually have something to report this month, with the Zoom Club Night (although we also had one last month which I forgot to mention!!), slightly fewer attendees this time but 11 (18 people) of us had some fun which included a short quiz. I think everyone enjoyed it although there were some comments about the level of difficulty, however 2 teams got 14 (out of 20), so it can’t have been that difficult!! Mike & Jane and Roger & Caroline tied on that top score to share the honours but Jane was well disappointed that she was not able to pass the ‘Wooden Spoon’ on to the low scorer, we will need to wait until we have get togethers for that. Many thanks to Fiona for hosting the Zoom Meeting on her account and tirelessly sorting out the groups for the ‘Breakout’ sessions.

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 6th April: This will again be a Zoom meeting night as the restrictions will not allow a meeting at the Golden Cross. By popular demand I will do another short quiz (not so many car/club questions!!)and the breakout sessions seem to work well, I will try and send out the invitation the weekend before with a reminder on the day.

Chilly Willy – Lockdown Breakout Social Distance Run – Sunday 11th April: To date the loosening of the restrictions is ‘on track’ so this run looks to be possible. It is the same philosophy as the Social Distance Runs from last year (although a new route) with 9 start points and teams rotating around the route in opposite directions, so you meet up with a different team at each next stop (yes an odd number of stops, so it should work!!) for a short chat before moving on to the next stop and another chat. All outdoors and groups of no more than 6. To date I have 16 teams booked in with an ideal number of 18 and a maximum of 27, so there is still space if you want to get your MG out for the day, let me know and I will add you to the list. The route sheets will be sent out a few days before, if you have booked but find you can’t attend then please let me know so that I can fill the empty space.

Social Distance Run June 2020

Drive-it-Day – Sunday 25th April: I have had a good response to running the Chilly Willy Route again with a lot of people booking to join in, so subject to COVID restrictions this event will be a re-run of 11th April but I will try and vary the direction you take or the teams you meet if you are on both runs. Let me know if you want to be added to the list. I will try and add both runs to the Club Website with the list of bookings.

Club Night – Tuesday 4th May: This may be possible as a Club Night at the Cross but it will need to be outside in the garden, however this is only provisional until I can discuss with Matt at the Golden Cross.

BMM Re-opening Run – Monday 17th May: Yes I know I do this every time but this will be the first time anywhere will be properly open when the restrictions are due to be loosened that day, so this must be a good excuse to get the cars out on a Monday and go somewhere appropriate. If enough people are interested I will set a new route for a run, otherwise we can use the one from last year. Probably an earlyish start at 10am to be at the Museum at 11 for bacon butties (they are very good in the Junction 12 Cafe). Let me know if you are interested, apologies to those folk who are still working for their living but you could book a day off, you won’t have used many holidays this year so far!!

Socialal Distanced Gathering – BMM Re-opening Run July 2020

Chairman’s Picnic – Sunday 27th June – Broadway: Mike & Jane Green have kindly invited us to picnic in their garden and see their magnificent new (re-built) house, although not sure if the kitchen is finished yet!! More details nearer the time but subject to COVID restrictions being lifted. Put the date on your calendars.

Other Matters:

A brilliant cartoon by Graham titled: ““As we practice for days out in the MG again . . . .” “ it must be worth a try!!

As we practice for days out in the MG again

What Have You Done in your MG:

Fred has been keeping himself busy during the latest lockdown and has sent me this update:

I have made myself useful in the garage over the winter as follows:-

Someone mentioned that my BGT was listing slightly to the port side (note that’s Jane’s side!) and, as the leaf springs were original 1971 vintage I thought I would fit parabolics in the hope that they would soften the ride a bit. While the suspension was apart I found that a creak that has plagued us for years was not the poly bushes as suspected but the Spax shock absorbers. So I trickled a dose of silicon lubricant down them and exercised a bit. When I took it for a test drive it was wonderful but still had a slight list. So I renewed the front coil springs to find it still lists slightly. Isn’t it amazing how critical you become when focussed on something that you’ve lived with for years without noticing? Anyway I’ve decided to run it for awhile and see if it settles before resorting to spacers. As Trevor found it does sit high on new parabolic springs.

While in suspension mode I took the shocks off the back of the Magnette (also creaked for years!) and cured that. I should be able to hear the music now in both!

I then replaced the fuel pump points on the Magnette.

I have also had the front struts off the TF and replaced manky rose joint covers which the MOT man said he didn’t want to see again this year! Told you I was in suspension mode! Oh – and I have replaced the TF seats with a nice leather pair. Anyone want the old ones?

So the fleet is fit. Just need to be allowed to use them – can’t wait!!

Thanks Fred, I hope you won’t have to wait much longer.

I have been making progress with my ‘B’ and the engine bay is now painted Tartan Red the same as the body!! The new loom is in situ and some of the wires connected up but I’m now waiting for another delivery of parts on the basis of ‘whilst I’m there I might as well replace that as well’. The heater box is painted ready to go back (although the new clips are out of stock to put it back together) and I have stripped everything off the engine ready to clean, degrease and paint it, not a job I’m looking forward to, I can see a problem of lots of greasy mess everywhere!! The question is: will it be ready for the Chilly Willy Run or will I need to use the MG (FIAT) Spider again!!?

Stay safe, stay well


Newsletter February 2021

Hello All

‘No Mask’

This Newsletter is deliberately late this Month, I was waiting for the COVID Restrictions Road Map to be announced by Boris on Monday, in case anything came up that would make a difference in our event planning (wishful thinking I know). It’s a good thing I did as it looks like we may be able to meet again but not until April!

On the 12th Feb both Caroline and I had our COVID vaccination and didn’t feel too well afterwards but soon recovered. This must be the start of hope for the future, who else has been ‘done’?

Thanks, as ever to Graham for the above topical cartoon but of course ‘Don’t Try This at Home’!

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 2nd March: Due to the continuing CoronaVirus restrictions the next 2 meetings will need to be by Zoom. I will ask Fiona to host them again for us and will send the invitations out by email the weekend before. I discussed having a small quiz at the next meeting and I wil try and put something together, we will also use the same ‘Break-out’ meetings, which seem to work OK.

Chilly Willy – Lockdown Breakout Social Distance Run: According to the latest information we will be allowed to meet in groups of up to 6 people, so we will be able to hold the Social Distance Run that was prepared for New Year’s Day. I think the Easter Weekend will be too busy, so let’s go for the following Sunday, so it will be on the 11th April. Providing the Government Test’s are met and the restrictions lifted I will send out the instructions over the previous week. If you would like to join in please let me know and I will start a new list.

Club Night – Tuesday 6th April: Zoom Meeting.

Drive-it-Day – Sunday 25th April: I don’t think we will be able to hold our normal type of run for this day, so would you like to do a re-run of the Chilly Willy Run? I can mix up the people you meet and where possible send you the other way round the route! Let me know what you think.

Other Events:

Coast to Coast – 30th July to 1st August 2021:

Norman Verona is again running this event (from Morecambe to Sunderland) next year and is advising anyone who would like to attend to book their hotels and for the event. If you are interested please contact him at:

Other Matters:

Nick has sent an update from Peter Swain of RBW Cars, that he has been awarded a patent for the sub-frame he invented for the electric MGB we saw at the Nov 2019 Club Night. This is good news for him and it looks like he is making progress with the project, who saw the article in the January edition of ‘Enjoying MG’?

What Have You Done in your MG:

Several comments have been sent in this month starting with John:

“Thanks for the news letter, it had me thinking. What have I done with my MG last month/s? Is it still in the garage? Nice sunny day I’ll take a look. Yes its still in there, I wonder if it works, so charge up the batteries, hot air gun over the electrical things and a splash of fresh petrol and would you believe it……away it went.

Better go for an essential journey. Four laps round Dovehouse Drive [Wellesbourne] should do. All OK except for the steering ( same problem as Helen I think ). Fortunately the B has reasonable seat adjustment but being vertically challenged I struggle to reach the pedals now. Oh dear I feel a diet coming on……..“

Next from Graham:

“as for “what I did with my MG . . . .”, I wonder how many people would be prepared to admit to the fact they give it a friendly pat as they go past it in the garage?“

Answers please. Thanks to John & Graham

I have made some progress with the engine bay on my ‘B’. All the 50 years of oil and muck have been cleaned out, I then got my new welding kit out and put some seam welds on the off-side inner wing repair that I had plug welded 20 years ago (apparently for the MoT Test it needs to be fully welded!!), it’s not pretty but is more solid. After Kurust where required, I have applied 2 coats of Hammerite No1 primer (I had to wait a week as the temperature in the garage was consistently below the recommended minimum of 8 Deg C!!) and is now ready for the top coat.

As ever Andy has been busy and finally found motivation to get on with some chores on his Midget:

Due to a bad dose of lockdown lethargy, progress on my car is slow! I think I previously told you I had renewed the sticking handbrake cable. Not as easy as I expected, as the passenger seat had to come out, to remove the brake lever from the transmission tunnel. Of course, all set screws and seat runner bolts were seized -anyhow I finally got the new cable fitted and working well -just never got round to repairing the seat runners (welding up the captive bolts that were spinning about ), so I finally got the job done and seat ready to refit later today! Just got to find a reason to get her out of the garage then! (Apologies for picture quality -I have a problem with the SLR Camera -but that’s another story!)

Thanks Andy, keep up the good work

Following on from Mike’s comment about Helen and the TC (diet) and John’s comments above it has prompted Graham to comment:

“Following on from Helen’s story about finding the TC steering wheel a bit of a tight fit after Christmas indulgence, I went into the loft to look through old copies of “The Autocar” and found this old advert from one of those gadget companies in the 1950s and 60s, They used to sell useful things like suction-mounted ashtrays for the dashboard that fell off when you stubbed your cigarette out, or ornamental parking lights that looked completely out of keeping with the design of the car and flattened your battery in the process.“

 “Steering wheels advert”

Stay safe, stay well


Newsletter January 2021

Hello All

Is it too late to wish you all a Happy and Safe New Year?

Future Events:

Club Night – Tuesday 2nd February: The Golden Cross will not be allowed to open for this evening due to the current ‘Lockdown’ and I had a good response to my question about a Zoom meeting, so by popular demand we will be online. I will send out an invitation a couple of days before the 2nd , so anyone can log into the meeting.

Chilly Willy Run – As you all know I had to cancel this run due to the change for Warwickshire into Tier 4 but the work was done and there was plenty of interest, so when the restrictions allow, I will arrange a date and we can run this as ‘The ‘Chilly Willy – Lockdown Breakout ‘ Run. Watch this space for a date.

Until the situation is more stable it is difficult to plan future events but as soon as we can, we will be back!!

Other Events:

Coast to Coast – 30th July to 1st August 2021:

Norman Verona is again running this event (from Morecambe to Sunderland) next year and is advising anyone who would like to attend to book their hotels and for the event. If you are interested please contact him at:

Other Matters:

Just before Christmas Helen sent me this message that I thought I should share with you all, sorry it’s a bit late but the intention is there:

“To All our Friends in the Arden MG Car Club

As we do not hold postal addresses for many of you we thought we would send you a cyber seasons greetings from Shipston on Stour.

We hope this email finds you all well during this festive time.

Mike has been busy doing some DIY in the house, needless to say I have kept out the way!  The TC did get a brief outing onto the driveway the other week when the plumber came to service our boiler(boiler is in our garage) so she had to be pushed out for a short time. She was admired by a local dog walker before we put her waterproof cover on just in case the British weather decided to change.  I did have to start her up to drive her back into the garage and it soon became apparent that Helen has put on a few pounds over lockdown as the tummy now sits on the steering wheel! I see a funny cartoon by Graham here (however I don’t seem to have an email address for him so I may get away with it!)   
Needless to say that Helen has already made enquiries on purchasing a smaller steering wheel for next year just in case she can’t shift the weight before we are able to get our classics back out in the spring time.  Although I think a diet is cheaper than a new steering wheel!  Maybe sitting here typing this email while slurping a large rum and coke isn’t helping matters but it doesn’t half go down rather nicely with a homemade cup cake that I made for Mike’s birthday Sunday!

I have attached a photo of the TC from last year when I gave one of my work colleagues (who doesn’t drive) a blast in her.  It was a rather nice day weather wise (makes a change) which was great and Carole thoroughly enjoyed her drive into Stratford in style!

Anyway enough of us waffling on.  We wish you all a relaxing Christmas and hopefully a better 2021 for us all!  Keep in touch and look forward to seeing your faces again soon as we miss you all.

Cheers for now


Helen, Mike and TC!“

What Have You Done in your MG:

Dusty has told us in previous Newsletters about importing a TD from the USA and has sent me an up-date:

“G’day Paul, here’s a bit that could be an ongoing saga!

In November the TD finally arrived from America. We had been tracking the progress on line once the ship had reached European water. We watched it come up the channel and then an off load in Germany before finally arriving at Felixstowe. With the ongoing restrictions we decided that the importing company could deliver to the door. Then the fun started. We plan to change from LHD to RHD so a partial strip down was started which as we progressed increased with the more we discovered. Some previous poor restoration work around the back of the body tub and corrosion has ended with a complete dismantling and body off. The car has, at some time, been resprayed in its (we think) original ivory and the interior redone using the beige colour leathercloth, although there are traces of green, stapled to plywood wall board cladding. There are signs of new front shocks and brake parts. The SU fuel pump has been replaced by an in-line pump under the floor protected by an old road sign!

The ash frame is remarkably good except in one small area which will have to be made good. The wiring is more than suspect, so will need a new loom.

With the tub off it’s now just a matter of stripping off decades of oil, underseal, paint and grime, repainting, a respray etc etc .

More hopefully next month after the accident with the grinder heals.


Thanks Dusty, I hope you are enjoying the ‘fun’. “Accident with the grinder” sounds grim please be more careful in future!!

Graham has been ‘sort’ of busy with his Midget!!:

““What I didn’t do with my MG this month”

Fair do’s . . . I should have acted earlier. I noticed it earlier in the week – on the way to the MG in the garage. Next time we went past – on the way to Tesco Click’n’Collect – we realised THAT TYRE WAS FLAT. Not just a bit saggy like earlier in the week, this was FLAT.

Yes, reader, this was on the Jaguar, not the MG.

Set to with my trusty foot-operated pump. Me with a not-sorted-out-since-injuring-it-in-October knee, as well. Around 1800 pumps later – yes, I admit it, I was counting – and the gauge hadn’t moved. Not even slightly.

Friendly passer-by confirms my conviction that the bead seal’s gone, so, for the past 1800 foot pumps, I had just been moving the air from the sucky-in bit of the pump to the neighbouring area, perhaps just making the odd leaf flutter on a nearby bush.

Freezing bloody cold . . . jacked car up . . . took tyre off and heaved it into Fiona’s Citroen for the nice people on the Trading Estate in Alcester – Protyre or Eclipse or Prolapse or something – to investigate.

Tyre was completely sound. They put a new bead seal in place, and, accompanying a pleasantly small bill, cheerfully produced that expression you never want to hear a computer engineer utter: “Never seen that happen before. No idea what caused it”.

Rather wish they’d not said that, as am now confident it will happen AGAIN.“

Thanks Graham, I’m not sure what I can say to that!!

I have made a bit of progress with the engine bay work on my ‘B’ and yes I did take the heater out, I hope I can get the new one back in!!

I’ve now got no excuse to get cracking and make some progress as this pile of parts arrived this morning, happy days.

As ever Graham gets the last word with another of his cartoons to enjoy, thanks Graham.

Stay safe, stay well